Square bottom stand up bags

Square bottom standing bags, also known as box pouches or block bottom bags, have several advantages and applications. Here are a few:

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Square bottom pouch advantages

* Increased stability:  The square bottom design of these bags provides increased stability and reduces the risk of tipping or spilling, making them ideal for storing and transporting liquid or dry products.

* Maximum storage capacity: The box-like shape of these bags maximizes storage capacity and allows for more efficient use of shelf space.

* Improved branding opportunities: The large flat surfaces of square bottom standing bags offer ample space for branding, making them a popular choice for retail packaging.

* Improved protection: The square bottom design provides added protection against punctures, tears, and other forms of damage, helping to ensure that the product inside remains safe and intact.

block bottom pouch
block bottom pouch

Meifeng Production Advantages

Large-scale factory building: 10,000 square meters of factory building area, multiple production lines for production, no pressure for large order production.

* Environmentally friendly materials: In response to market demand, we actively research and develop the application of environmentally friendly materials, and produce recyclable and degradable packaging.

Customized production: create brand advantages and long-term cooperation. Custom recommend the most suitable packaging.

* Custom printing: Both digital printing and gravure printing are supported. Gravure printing imported high-speed printing machine, the printing effect is bright and exquisite. Digital printing is more suitable for small orders.

* Qualification certification: The latest BRC certification has been passed, and our factory meets the BRC production strength.

* Welcome to visit the factory: our factory strength welcomes you to visit.

block bottom pouch
box pouch

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