Staff Training

MeiFeng has over 30 years experiences, and all the of managing team is in a good training system.
We conduct regular skill training and learning for our employees, reward those excellent employees, display and commend them for their outstanding work, and keep employees positively at all times.
Regularly, we provide all types of competition for machine operating activity, and give a training concept of “Reduce, Recyclable, Reused” to our employees, through all of the effort to contribute a good packaging industry and help our partner to get a perfect packaging plans, at the same time, we want to give a green, safe and sustainable packaging to the future. And this is always in Meifeng’s employee’s mind.

For our Sales reps we offered regular training as well, it is the window connected from outside to inside, our sales team members not only need to know our products well but also need to know our clients as well. How to make a smooth connection from a fancy idea to a reality packaging plan is a skill job to all of the sales team.

We would love to hear from our client’s but also to make a prototype for their ideas. We have an expertise team to simulated client’s idea and hand made before the mass production. This is great reduced the client’s lost from new packaging risks.

All of these nice concepts are be recognized by Meifeng groups, and when new employees start from work, they are trained these concepts as well.

Through a full set of training system. All of Meifeng people are dedicated with our jobs and passionate about our products. With our clients’ and partners, we will create a great packaging to our clients, to the end-using markets. We are producers but also consumers, and we are responsible to the environment also to the food packaging industry.

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Company Culture

Company's core values: Meet customer's need, achieving employees and giving back to the society.
Our goals: Providing suitable packaging solutions, focus on innovation and sustainable productions.
Enterprise vision: Stable quality control, achieve branding client’s requirement.
Quality Policy: Safety, environmental friendly, satisfy the end-user needs.
Core competitiveness: People-oriented, win the market with quality.

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