Through three decades development, Meifeng become a leading company of flexible packaging industry, we always upgrade our production equipment and keep innovations. We believe to use first class equipment to bring a good stand out for our clients from the market competitions.

Our company has introduced numerous Swiss BOBST 1250mm-width full-automatic high-speed plastic gravure printing, multiple Italy solvent-free Laminators “Nordmeccanica”. Numerous High-speed slitting machine, and many high-speed multifunctional bag-making machines, are capable of printing, laminating, slitting, bag-making various kinds of productions.

And we are mainly made three side sealing bag, side gusset bags, stand up pouches, and flat bottom pouches, and some unregular flat and stand-up pouches.

One of our core businesses is Extrusion film for customized order, we are introduced W&H line. The most top-class equipment in extrusion machines. This top-class equipment helps us to provide a less deviations on thickness of PE film, and better customized the needs from clients, and give a high-speed, safe, smooth production line at client’s industry. And we have many good feedbacks from our clients by comparing these advantages from other flexible packaging factories.

Since 2019, we continue brought several Automatic bundling machines, reduce the labor intensity, and speed up the efficiency on production line. achieved a high stable output. This reduced the mistake of human beings, and make us one step closer to auto-production.

We also have numerous off-line Inspection machine to ensure a high quality of printing and laminating. These equipment helps us to capture the misprinting or impurity products from the production, and through cut off and quick adjustment, keep us a high-quality standard.

Our goal is running a long-term flexible packaging factory, with our effort, and top production line, and a professional technical team to offer a sustainable packaging plan for the clients, and to create a win-win business cooperation.

BOBST 3.0 Flexible printer

Inspection Machine

Nordmeccanica Laminator

Inspection machine

Flat bottom bag making machine

Auto-collection bag making machine