Why choosing Meifeng?

Environment Friendly

Low packaging waste to dispose, recyclable, reusable, and we also have disposable materials which is more environmentally-friendly.

Strong Branding & Marketing

With high classic printing equipment, we can improve client’s competitive positioning, fits consumer lifestyle trends, and appeals to Millennials.

With Meifeng, it is ideal for ecommerce, lightweight and durable. New features, shapes, and sizes provide opportunities for differentiation.

Commands consumer attention and contributes to sales.

Cost Reductions

Cost-effective light-weight packaging and transport, low material costs for pouches.

Comprehensive Features and options (Add-ons)

A wide variety of styles and shapes, such as zipper pouches, slider pouches, laser-scored pouches, child-resistant pouches, Peel and reseal pouches, box pouches, Spouted pouches, shaped pouches, pouches with clear windows, quad-seal pouches, pouches with handles, pouches with valves, wicketed pouches, and pouches with matte/gloss effects.


High speed filling for films in roll or stand-up pouches for a high cost-effective production. Fully or semi-automatic filling and also special filling application like hot or cold filling.