Meifeng technical team are working toward to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.
We have a strong knowledge on Reduce, our managing team tried the best to eliminate the over waste during the products. All of the materials and accessory we brought are high class-level, and during the productions, we are committed to pursuing the maximum output volume.
We are continue finding the new materials which supply the idea of sustainable materials structure, such like BOPE/PE, this could be 100% recycled at the end. Currently we are using this type of package for various market. Such like cat litter, frozen food, and normal storage products. Also, BOPP /(VMOPP)/CPP are widely using instead of PET/VMPET/PE. Since PET and AL are hardly recycled at the end markets.
And we are doing many kinds of press-to-close zipper help the clients reuse the package for pet food, and snacks, it helps to storage longer and keep a fresh taste at consumers markets.
Meifeng has undertaken 15 key national technological innovation projects, and has obtained 10 patents. We also participated in the drafting and stipulating od 3 sets of professional group standards.







On 2018, Meifeng also awarded high and new tech enterprises by local government. And at the same year our VOCs are accomplished and we are interviewed by the Local news. Meifeng became the leader of flexible packaging industry. We take this responsibility and continue to do our best at this industry.

Meifeng always has a good reputation among the suppliers. We kept a good cash flow to ensure a stable running, and make sure our clients will have the best services and products. We know that good customer service comes from knowing and understanding our clients, anticipating their needs and being ready to deliver what they want, with a rush order or new arrival, all need a very good cooperations to our clients. We truly received many thankful letters or message from our clients. And at that moment all of Meifeng Peoples’ effort are all worth of it. This is our greatest honors which was given by our clients.