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Rolls of plastic film with foil material for stick packaging are currently a very practical type of packaging. Widely used in powdered food, condiments, sauce packets and other products. Welcome to inquire for details.

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Plastic film roll

Many manufactures and brands trust Meifeng’s Flexible packaging films, because our flexible packaging performs consistently & reliably, delivery on time, and is accompanied by the top customer service and technical support in the industry.

Flexible packaging films are widely used by many industries, it is high efficiency on production, and reduced a lot of human force for packaging.


Fast lead times-quick turnaround
MOQ could start from 100KG
Wide variety of materials available
9 color process printing

Through our team, you will receive a unique flexible packaging laminations designed for your products’ specific requirements.

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High-barrier flexible packaging

High barrier materials in flexible packaging laminations prevent the permeation of water, water vapor, oil, oxygen, aroma, flavor, gas, or light. A product’s formulation can be impacted adversely if these elements migrate into or out of the package.

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Clear high-barrier packaging

With product visibility becoming increasingly important to consumers – especially in food and raw meats – clear high-barrier flexible packaging offers several benefits:
Provides excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties without sacrificing product visibility
Cost-effective alternative to foil flexible packaging laminations
Ideal not only for vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS) and horizontal form/fill/seal (HFFS) applications, but also for premade pouches (preventing foil facture issues that can occur with foil flexible packaging laminations)
Customizable barrier properties and sealant layers

High Moisture barrier packaging

Many products are ultra-sensitive to moisture, such as:
Powders (coffee powders, Healthy treatment like probiotics, and some other drink mixes)
Dry food ingredients
Snack foods
Mixed Nuts
Materials such as HDPE, PVDC and foil have excellent moisture barrier properties.
With our professional team, provide you a low moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) will better prevent your products in a good condition, and to keep a fresh taste.

High Oxygen barrier packaging

Exposure to oxygen can affect the color, flavor, and aroma of sensitive products, and it will badly influence the quality of the products. With our oxygen barrier packaging utilizes materials that efficiently block oxygen transmission and eliminate oxygen within the package to preserve product integrity.
With Meifeng technical team, we will help you determine the best structure for the oxygen barrier needs your product requires.

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And extra.. for customized need.

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