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Coffee kraft paper zipper bag with air valve, it is necessary to protect the product from moisture, prevent oxidation, keep the taste fresh and not deteriorate. At the same time, coffee and tea are also relatively high-end products, and their taste and grade should also be reflected in the packaging.

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  • Feature: zipper bag with air valve
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    Coffee kraft paper zipper bag with air valve

    Coffee kraft paper zipper bag with air valve is a kind of packaging bag we make more. It is a type of flat bottom zipper bag, with the design of the air valve, so that the coffee in it will "breathe".

    Because the flavor oils of coffee beans (powder) are easily oxidized, humidity and high temperature will also make coffee lose its aroma.  Roasted beans also contain high levels of carbon dioxide, which can affect flavor if kept in a bag for a long time.

    air valve1
    Bag with Air Valve6

    How to protect coffee from moisture and odor, and keep the aroma of coffee for a long time?  That requires a gadget that exhausts.

    Add this little thing and our packaging becomes a breathing coffee package while providing shelf impact to grab the consumer's attention.

    Similar products include common melon seed packaging, nut packaging, etc., which are packaged in kraft paper. The packaged parts are not only a single valve, but also other different accessories for packaging

    Additional pouch features


    Rounded corners

    Mitered corners

    Tear notches

    Clear windows

    Glossy or matte finishes


    Handle holes

    Hanger holes

    Mechanical perforating

    Laser scoring or laser perforating

    air valve3

    Pouch gusset seal types

    All of our products support customization, and samples can be provided for your choice.
    At the same time, we can customize a variety of products, not limited to this kind of packaging.

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