Digital Printing Tea Stand Up Pouch

Digital printing stand-up pouches for tea is made of composite film. The composite film has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, fragrance retention, and anti-peculiar smell. The performance of the composite film with aluminum foil is more superior, such as excellent shading and so on.

  • Size: custom accepted
  • Thickness: custom accepted
  • Feature: zipper / tear notch
  • Printing: digital printing
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    Digital printing Stand up pouches

    Digitally printed stand-up tea pouches are made of composite film. The composite film has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, fragrance retention and peculiar smell resistance. The performance of the film compounded with aluminum foil is better, such as good shading and so on.

    Compared with gravure printing, digital printing is more delicate, accurate and beautiful, and is more suitable for small order printing.

    Tea Stand Up Pouches

    Stand up pouches 

    Tea Stand Up Pouches

    Aluminized tea bag

    Digital printing Stand up pouches Options

    Digitally printed stand-up tea pouches,we can do more than just the details shown in the picture, in addition, we can also add the following collocations on the packaging to package different products.

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    Pouch styles include
    •Shaped pouches
    •Stand up bottom gusset pouches (inserted or folded gussets)
    •Top-spouted pouches
    •Corner-spouted pouches
    •Spouted pouches or fitment pouches (including tap & gland fitments)
    Pouch closure options include:
    •Spouts and fitments
    •Press-to-close zippers
    •Velcro zipper
    •Slider zipper
    •Pull tab zipper

    Additional pouch features

    Rounded corners
    Mitered corners
    Tear notches
    Clear windows
    Glossy or matte finishes
    Handle holes
    Hanger holes
    Mechanical perforating
    Laser scoring or laser perforating

    Stand up pouchesaaa (5)

    There are many options for stand up pouch closures, such as spouts, zippers, and sliders.
    And options for the bottom gusset include K-Seal bottom gussets, Doyen seal stable gussets, or flat-bottom gussets to provide the pouch with a stable base.

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    Can be customized, different sizes, different materials. We also have production managers to recommend the best material packaging for your product. Digital printing is used for small orders, and gravure printing is used for large orders, which can meet your requirements in many aspects.

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