Food Grade Eco Recyclable Single PE Material Bag

Food Grade Eco Recyclable Single PE Material Bag can not only take into account the function of packaging, but also have environmental protection characteristics.

We integrate a full set of technical services, continuously study theory and practice, adapt to market demand, and develop recyclable and degradable plastic packaging bags.

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  • Feature: 100% Recyclable
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    Food Grade Recyclable Packaging Bags

    Food grade recyclable packaging bags are one of our major products,  and it is also a kind of stand up pouch.Rapid production, and fast delivery are all our advantages on this market.

    Stand up pouches provide best display of the entire product features; they are one of the fastest-growing packaging formats. The market covered are widely.

    Biodegradable plastic packaging does not need to be recycled and can be degraded on-site, it is only a matter of time.
    We incorporate a full array of technical services including advanced pouch prototyping, bag sizing, product/package compatibility testing, burst testing, and drop off testing.
    We provide customized materials and pouches based on your specific needs. Our technical team listen to your needs and innovations that will solve your packaging challenges.

    Single material: recyclable, easy to recycle

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    Stand up Recyclable Pouch & Bag Options

    Stand up pouchesaaa (7)

    Pouch styles include
    •Shaped pouches
    •Stand up bottom gusset pouches (inserted or folded gussets)
    •Top-spouted pouches
    •Corner-spouted pouches
    •Spouted pouches or fitment pouches (including tap & gland fitments)
    Pouch closure options include:
    •Spouts and fitments
    •Press-to-close zippers
    •Velcro zipper
    •Slider zipper
    •Pull tab zipper

    Additional pouch features

    Rounded corners
    Mitered corners
    Tear notches
    Clear windows
    Glossy or matte finishes
    Handle holes
    Hanger holes
    Mechanical perforating
    Laser scoring or laser perforating

    Stand up pouchesaaa (5)

    Pouch gusset seal types

    There are many options for stand up pouch closures, such as spouts, zippers, and sliders.
    And options for the bottom gusset include K-Seal bottom gussets, Doyen seal stable gussets, or flat-bottom gussets to provide the pouch with a stable base.

    Recyclable stand-up bags are a popular product and are good for the environment
    tear notch
    stand up pouches

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