Aluminum Foil jujce Beverage Flat bottom Spout Pouches

The aluminum foil beverage flat-bottom spout pouches can be customized with a three-layer structure or a four-layer structure. It can be pasteurized without bursting or breaking the bag. The flat-bottom pouches structure makes it stand more stable and the shelf is more delicate.

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  • Feature: Can be pasteurized
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    Aluminum Foil Beverage Flat Bottom Spout Pouches

    Aluminum foil beverage flat bottom spout pouches can be pasteurized without bursting or breaking the bag. The material of aluminum foil makes the beverage in the package have a longer shelf life and is better than ordinary materials.

    In addition to beverage packaging, ketchup packaging spout bags are also practical aluminum foil materials, or shaped packaging, which also supports customization.

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    Jujce pouches

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    Ketchup spout pouches

    Haidilao is a chain brand mainly engaged in Sichuan-style hot pot. It always adheres to the principle of "pollution-free, one-time" material selection and base material, and strictly controls raw materials and ingredients. This time, we can customize the beverage spout pouches for the Haidilao brand, which is a recognition of our quality. We will continue to strictly control the technology and materials to promote smoother and win-win cooperation.

    "Xijiade Dumplings" is also a very famous company, and we also provide liquid packaging for them. Details can be found on the website. The same aluminum foil material is used.

    Aluminum Foil Beverage Flat Bottom Spout Pouches

    Aluminum foil is a kind of soft metal film, which not only has the advantages of moisture-proof, air-tight, shading, wear-resistant, fragrance-preserving, non-toxic and tasteless, etc. After the aluminum foil is compounded with plastic and paper, the shielding performance of aluminum foil is compared with the strength of paper and the strength of plastic. The heat-sealing properties are integrated to further improve the shielding properties against moisture, air, UV rays and bacteria, and are essential as packaging materials.
    Because of its relatively high price, it is generally used in relatively high-end or high-quality product packaging.
    Aluminized packaging has also become a popular packaging material, because compared to pure plastic packaging, aluminized packaging improves the shielding performance against moisture, air, ultraviolet rays and bacteria. At the same time, the cost is lower than that of aluminum foil packaging.

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    Aluminum foil spout pouch

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    No metal spout pouch

    Other types of spout pouches

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    Transparent spout pouches

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    Aluminized spout pouches

    Additional pouch features

    Rounded corners
    Mitered corners
    Tear notches
    Clear windows
    Glossy or matte finishes
    Handle holes
    Hanger holes
    Mechanical perforating
    Laser scoring or laser perforating

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